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React.js training teaches developers how to build dynamic and responsive user interfaces for web applications using the React JavaScript library. The training covers topics such as components, JSX syntax, state and props management, event handling, routing, and integration with other technologies. It equips learners with skills to create efficient, scalable, and reusable UI components. Our React.js training program equips you with the skills needed to create uniform, efficient, and easy-to-manage front-end applications, and includes training on using virtual DOM for faster GUI rendering.


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Upon completion of our online React training, you will possess the following skills:

  • Selecting the appropriate structures and state containers for your React application
  • Developing user interfaces that effectively present complex information
  • Understanding and utilizing React, React Router, and other popular libraries
  • Creating presentational components using styled-components (CSS in JS)
  • Using React and flux development tools for more effective debugging
  • Implementing the immutable state principle through the use of the immutable.js library
  • Implementing server-side rendering to improve SEO and reduce initial load times
  • Creating, building, and deploying a React.js application using the React.js CLI
  • Creating dynamic, model-driven forms that are easily unit tested.

Target Audience

Individuals interested in building GUIs using React.js, as well as teams who are either beginning or already working on React.js projects, can benefit from this course.


A working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is essential, and prior experience in web development is beneficial.

Detailed Outline

Chapter 1: Getting Started with React
Chapter 2: ES6 Essentials
Chapter 3: Introduction to React Components
Chapter 4: Styling in React
Chapter 5: Static routing
Chapter 6: AJAX and REST

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