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This training course is designed to teach programmers how to utilize the Django web development framework, which offers a speedy, user-friendly, and secure way of creating feature-rich websites with the Python programming language. The course covers the fundamentals of designing, executing, and overseeing web applications using Django. By taking this Django course, your team will gain the knowledge necessary to effectively use the core features of Django, as well as advanced modules and third-party tools. Participants will acquire proficiency in developing a comprehensive content-management website that includes user authentication, advanced forms, session management, email notification functionality, and a complete administrative interface.


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 Upon completion of the Django training course, participants will have acquired the following skills -

  • Installation and configuration of Python and Django in both development and production environments
  • Demonstration of knowledge of Django's security features and implementation of secure websites using Django
  • Utilization of Django Models to create powerful relational databases
  • Proficiency in Django ORM
  • Design and development of forms, including automation of data validation and verification
  • Automation of Syndication Feeds (such as RSS) using Django
  • Implementation, management, and control of Django's administrative interfaces
  • Secure implementation of user authentication and access control using Django sessions
  • Downloading, installation, and utilization of third-party Django applications
  • Use of Django's mail functions to send email notifications
  • Leveraging of Django messaging system for asynchronous messaging
  • Scaling of Django applications through the use of caching systems
  • Implementation, maintenance, and management of complete e-commerce, publishing, and other content-management systems using Django.

Target Audience

The Django training course is suitable for various individuals and teams, including-

  • Teams who are beginning web development using Django frameworks
  • Web and UI Developers
  • Tech Leads
  • Quality Analysts
  • Architects
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their profile with Django certification and skills.


To take the Django training course, participants should possess -

  • A strong comprehension of the Python language
  • A fundamental understanding of web technologies
  • Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and relational database concepts (SQL knowledge is not mandatory).

Detailed Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Installing & Configuring Django Components
Chapter 3: Generating Simple Django Views
Chapter 4: Configuring URLconfs
Chapter 5: Django Templates
Chapter 6: HTML Forms with Forms (formerly newforms)
Chapter 7: Database Models with Django
Chapter 8: Django ORM
Chapter 9: Using the Django Admin Interface
Chapter 10: Access Control with Sessions and Users
Chapter 11: Generic Views
Chapter 12: Data Caching for Performance
Chapter 13: Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery
Chapter 14: Django Email Functionality

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