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The MEAN stack is a widely-used set of technologies for building dynamic web applications. MEAN stands for four main technologies: MongoDB - a non-relational database; Express.js - a Node framework with powerful middleware features; Angular - a frontend JavaScript library created and maintained by Google that is commonly used for building single-page applications; Node.js - a server-side JavaScript framework based on V8.


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This training aims to provide beginners with a general understanding of the primary components of a MEAN stack application:

  • By following along and building the app, you will gain insight into full stack development and how to utilize the tools that are presented.
  • The tutorial does not delve into the details of any specific technology, as that will be covered in future tutorials.
  • After completing the tutorial, you can deploy your application to Heroku.

Target Audience

The target audience for a MEAN stack course includes developers who want to learn how to build scalable, robust, and efficient web applications using the MEAN stack.



Detailed Outline

Chapter 1: Configuration & Setup
Chapter 2: Node, Express, & Mongo
Chapter 3: AngularJS
Chapter 4: Tying the App Together
Chapter 5: Assessment Deployment & Conclusion

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