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Node.js is a runtime environment for executing JavaScript that is open-source and cross-platform. It utilizes Google's V8 JavaScript engine, an event loop, and a low-level I/O API, making it the ideal choice for lightweight, data-intensive applications. Our Node.js training program teaches you the skills needed to utilize it as your server-side technology, allowing you to create dynamic page content and execute file/database operations on the server more efficiently. By taking our Node.js course, you can become an expert in developing enterprise applications that support high throughput and fast operations.


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Upon completion of our Node.js training program, you will have gained the following abilities:

  • Define Node.js and explain its purpose
  • List and describe the various features of Node.js
  • Discuss the practical applications of Node.js in web development
  • Discuss different types of Node.js frameworks and their respective features.

Target Audience

  • Developers who want to utilize Node.js for creating server-side applications
  • Teams who are initiating or currently working on Node.js based projects.


  • Prior application development experience and a fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language are prerequisites for taking this course.
  • Having a working knowledge of any server technology (J2EE, .NET, Ruby, etc.) is beneficial, but not necessary.

Detailed Outline

Chapter 1: Node.js Overview: A brief summary of Node.js
Chapter 2: Understanding Modules: A description of modules and their role in software development
Chapter 3: HTTP Overview: Understanding the basics of HTTP protocol
Chapter 4: Buffer Introduction: Understanding what a buffer is and its role in Node.js
Chapter 5: Express.js Overview: An introduction to the Express.js web application framework
Chapter 6: Connecting Node.js to a Database: How to establish a database connection in Node.js

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