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The C++ training course is aimed at experienced C programmers who want to learn about object-oriented programming in C++. The course covers the important aspects of C++ syntax and style, focusing on the application of object-oriented methods to achieve reusability, adaptability, and reliability. Special attention is given to the features of C++ that facilitate abstract data types, inheritance, and polymorphism. Participants will develop skills in utilizing the process of data abstraction and designing classes.


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Upon completion of the C++ Programming training course, participants will gain the following skills:

  • Acquire a strong understanding of the syntax, semantics, and essential features of C++.
  • Learn how to apply proper programming strategies based on UML design concepts.
  • Recognize common challenges and pitfalls in C++ programming and develop the skills to overcome them.
  • Gain familiarity with various design patterns and strategies to build robust, flexible, and straightforward C++ code.

Target Audience

 Any individual who wants to gain knowledge/expertise in it.


 Prerequisite for this course includes a basic understanding and practical experience with C Programming.

Detailed Outline

Chapter 1: Transitioning from C to C++
Chapter 2: Functions
Chapter 3: Dynamic Memory Management
Chapter 4: Inheritance
Chapter 5: Introduction to Object Concepts
Chapter 6: Strings in C++
Chapter 7: C++ Program Structure
Chapter 8: Polymorphism in C++
Chapter 9: Declaring and Defining Classes
Chapter 10: The Standard Template Library
Chapter 11: Handling Data
Chapter 12: Creating and Using Objects
Chapter 13: Controlling Object Creation
Chapter 14: Streaming I/O
Chapter 15: Templates
Chapter 16: Exceptions
Chapter 17: Reliability Considerations in C++ Projects
Chapter 18: Multiple Inheritance
Chapter 19: Operator Overloading

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