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Acquire a comprehensive comprehension of the essential elements and functionalities of object-oriented programming using Python. Develop proficiency in Python programming and the management of files, directories, exceptions, and modules. Engage in practical exercises on our cloud-based laboratories and receive guidance from our expert in the field. Attain mastery in the top practices, libraries, and strategies of Python programming. Prepare yourself to create durable Python applications for your organization and become industry-ready.


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  • Gain an intuitive understanding of Python and its features
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of Python's architecture, memory models, object-oriented features, and input/output details such as stdio and file io
  • Use control flow statements in interesting and extra-useful ways
  • Master Python's simple and robust error handling methods
  • Implement flexible function protocols
  • Leverage built-in data types and inherit from them in classes you design
  • Deploy Python's list comprehensions, decorators, iterators, generators, and context managers
  • Master the scheme for creating and using libraries and packages for many developer and administrative tasks, including shutil, tempfile, subprocess, glob, profile, shelve, os, sys, optparse, and unit test
  • Become industry-ready to develop and deploy enterprise-grade Python applications rapidly using off-the-shelf libraries for all general-purpose usage.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who want to automate, develop and test applications and systems using Python, including developers, system administrators, and QA engineers.
  • Aspiring data scientists, data analysts, and machine learning engineers who want to learn Python programming.



Detailed Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Language Basics
Chapter 4: Functions
Chapter 5: Collections
Chapter 6: Modularisation of code
Chapter 7: Regular Expressions
Chapter 8: Files and Directories
Chapter 9: Exception Handling
Chapter 10: Object Oriented Programming Basics

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